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Custom Branding

We're the smart choice for a fast, reliable supply of custom-branded PPE. We provide you with personal protective equipment (PPE) for almost any work environment, with high-quality items available with short lead times. Branded PPE will make the perfect addition to your staff uniform, PPE and workwear, whilst boosting your brand.

Our straightforward service gives you access to the sustainable supplier of choice in the UK, and we offer a range of custom branding options for PPE, temporary protection and embroidery for clothing. To use our branded PPE clothing service, follow these simple steps to order:

✔️ Enquire Today for a type of branded PPE kit, clothing or sign that you want

✔️ Fill out a form with the custom PPE requirements for your clothing, hi-vis orsign

✔️ Attach a copy of your high-res company logo

✔️ We'll be in touch with a quote for your custom PPE equipment and any other kit

Whether it is hi-vis clothing, sleek polo shirts or safety helmets, adding a company logo with print, embroidery or heat transfer, gives your company a lift in brand awareness. We're one of the fastest, greenest and most reliable PPE suppliers in the UK. 

All branded clothing and Hi-Vis are now delivered in an EcoFriendly Mailing bag, made from sugar cane. 

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Order Branded PPE: Hi-Vis Clothing Printing

One of the most important pieces of protective kit is hi-vis clothing. We'll work with you to print exceptionally high-quality heat transfers onto all of your company high visability clothing, in exactly the style that you want. 

Please be aware when buying custom PPE:

  • Logo setup fees may apply

  • Hi-vis printing lead times after your logo has been confirmed and printed are 2-3 days

Below are pictures giving you better idea of what your new branded PPE clothing will look like:


Branded PPE for Construction Site
Custom Branded PPE UK
Hi Vis Jacket Branded

Interested in branded hi-vis clothing? Click the button and fill out the short form below.

Enquire About Our Custom Branded PPE

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Order Branded PPE: Safety Helmets

We can also custom brand your safety helmets. We'll work with you to decide whether laser printing or branded stickers would be best for your helmets, making sure they stay complaint. 

Please be aware when buying custom Helmets:

  • Logo setup fees may apply
  • Helmet laser printing lead times after the logo has been confirmed and printed are 5-7 days (minimum order quantities also apply)

Below are pictures giving you better idea of what your new branded safety helmets will look like:


Custom Branded Helmets and PPE
Logo Printed Helmet UK
Helmet-sample-3.v2.png (265 KB)

Interested in branded helmets for your construction site? Click the button and fill out the short form below.

PPE Workwear Embroidery

Order Branded Clothing: Print and Embroidery

Brand identity extends to all company supplies, from pens and paper to safety boots, shirts and other types of clothing. We offer embroidery services on our men's and ladies' premium clothing. Our branding services are available on any T-shirt, polo shirt, softshells, fleece, sweatshirts and work shirts.

Please remember the following when you are buying your personalised clothing and workwear:

  • Logo setup fees may apply

  • Embroidery lead times after your logo has been confirmed and embroidered printed are 5-7 days

Check out the examples of branded clothing below for a view of what your kit might look like:

PPE Embroidery Bryson
Workwear Embroidery Bryson Products
Embroidery Workwear UK

Ready to find out more about embroidery of your workwear and PPE? Click the button and fill out the short form below. construction-site-signage.png (818 KB)

Order Branded Signs: Custom Printed Signage

Get our full range of construction signage custom printed with your company logo and a message. Signs can give you a perfect opportunity to advertise your company whilst keeping compliant with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) signage requirements while on site.

Please note the following while ordering their custom-printed signage:

  • Logo setup fees may apply

  • Sign printing lead times after the logo has been confirmed and printed are 2-3 days

Custom Branded Site Signage
Custom Branded Site Signs UK
Signage-sample-3.v2.png (272 KB)

Interested in custom signs and other site signage? Click the button and fill out the form:

Why Use Custom Branded PPE and Other Supplies?


You already have to use PPE equipment from a legal point of view, supplying workwear is part of many employers' existing duties and signage will always be an essential part of construction site work - so it is a perfect opportunity for corporate advertising whilst helping your staff on site.


Other reasons why you should use our personalised PPE and other kit include the following:


  • Quality products from a sustainable supplier

  • Short lead times and fast UK-wide delivery options

  • Simple customisation options with our easy-to-use smart forms

  • Long-lasting products that give you ample opportunity for brand growth across multiple projects


We're one of the best branding PPE suppliers, with our cost-effective solutions and stocking the highest quality branded or unbranded products, giving you top results on your site. Please use the buttons above to order the custom kit and feel free to contact us for any help.


FAQs and Useful Information About Branded PPE, Clothing & Signs


The following are some common questions and useful information on our branded PPE, other clothing and signage or the services we provide:


Is branded PPE or custom products expensive?

No. The branding part of your custom PPE kit is relatively low cost, whether that is a logo on a sign, a safety helmet or any other piece of clothing or workwear. The main cost is the item itself, meaning it's very easy to manage costs and increase your brand awareness. Intricate or large logos may be a bit more expensive to set up, as these require more preparation and printing time than a simple, small logo, this may affect your costs. Some of our clothing and branded PPE items also have a minimum order amount.


Are your clothing, equipment and signs of good quality?

Yes. All of our clothing, equipment, tools, accessories, cleaning or hygiene supplies and anything else that we sell is of the highest quality. We only select the best products suitable for the construction industry, whether they are branded or not.


I need my branded PPE and other custom items quickly, can you help?

Yes. Bryson Products Ltd. is an industry leader in the fast supply of all kinds of site equipment and other building site essentials. We offer instant ordering on our website, smart reporting, order approval, budget management, and delivery to multiple sites, which results in exceptionally speedy service. Branded PPE and clothing will take some time to create, but all of our lead times are short. If you need any of our products quickly, we can help. Our team also provides incredible communication throughout the ordering and buying process, which will leave you in total peace of mind as to the status of your items.

Please feel free to order online and get in touch with us if you have any more questions.