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How do you tell the Cut Level of Safety Gloves?

Gloves provide protection for working hands on construction sites and in many other industries. They are a staple part of the Personal Protective Equipment requirements that need to be met in construction, and in particular cut level gloves. Gloves should be supplied by employers, according to the Health and Safety Executive.

To provide optimal protection for tasks carried out on site, gloves must pass a number of stress tests and adhere to different standards to be deemed safe for workers to use. Due to developments in technology and materials used, testing must keep up with the technology. These standards also challenge the levels of protection these gloves offer.

Cut resistance rating is one of the most recent changes in glove safety standards. These ratings have been implemented in standard EN 388:2016. In addition to the coup-test in accordance with EN 388:2003, the new test method in accordance to ISO 13997 has been introduced.
ISO 13997 was introduced in 2016, and all pre-existing EN388 certifications were valid for up to 5 years. With the end of 2021 approaching, the new ISO 13997 certification comes into full force in 2022.

What does cut resistance levels mean?

Cut Resistance is the level of protection that a pair of gloves offers against sharp edges, glass or slashing from blades. EN388 is measured on a five point scale with 1 being the least resistant and 5 being the most.

Cut resistance is measured by cutting a sample of the glove in continuous cycles at a consistent force until the material is completely severed. The number of cycles that are required to cut the material indicates its level of cut resistance. This is referred to as the Coup Test.

The changes brought about in 2016, under ISO 13997 includes the pressure it takes to cut the gloves with a single straight blade.  This is measured in newtons on a scale from A to F, A being the lowest pressure to create a cut. The TDM-100 test is carried out at three different pressures, and the data is recorded to work out how many newtons would be required to cut through the glove. 

Differnt ways to meausre the cut level of gloves

How to locate the cut rating on your gloves

Gloves designed to offer protection will show the EN388:2016 logo on the top of the glove. Each glove is clearly marked with these health and safety industry standards. The EN logo includes the protection score for cut level, puncture, abrasion & tear resistance. 

Ilusration showing how cut level works

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Posted: 03/11/2021