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Why PPE Gloves are Crucial for Construction Workers | Bryson

Fits Like a Glove: The Importance of PPE Gloves in Construction

Construction workers face many potential hazards on jobsites, but hand injuries are among the most common and expensive ones. According to Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) data, the most common site of workplace-related injuries is in the upper limbs.

Twenty-three per cent of workplace injuries affect the hands, wrists, thumbs and fingers. And 70 per cent of upper limb injuries can incapacitate a worker for seven days. Because construction work largely relies on manual labour, such accidents cost both the employee and the employer.

These figures highlight the importance of PPE gloves for building workers in upholding construction safety.

The Cost of Hand Injuries

The cost of a hand injury depends on its severity and the required recovery period. Injuries on the hand can range from lacerations, sprains and strains, avulsions, fractures and even amputations.

Most hand injuries are non-fatal, as long as they’re treated immediately. According to the HSE, non-fatal injuries cost a business an average of £1,400. But if the employee has to take at least seven days off, the cost can rise up to £5,100.

Furthermore, the cost of hand injuries to construction workers is more than monetary; they also suffer from quality of life losses or ‘human costs.' The injury is bound to affect their ability to work and do day-to-day tasks. The HSE estimates that non-fatal injuries causing seven or more days of absence can result in an additional £19,700 in human costs.

Of course, the costs are higher if the injury results in temporary or permanent disability or dismemberment.

To prevent hand injuries, construction workers must wear proper PPE gloves. Gloves meant for construction work should be more than regular fabric gloves. They should be well-fitted and durable but still comfortable.


What to Look for in Construction Gloves

These are the three factors you need to look at when choosing PPE gloves for construction:


The gloves should provide protection against different hazards, depending on your duties on the construction site. For example, rubber gloves are best used when working with oils and chemicals because they’re liquid-resistant. They’re also ideal for electricians since rubber is a good insulator.

Meanwhile, leather gloves are perfect for general construction and welding. They’re heavy-duty, protecting against cuts, abrasions and minor burns.

Cut rating is a good way to distinguish the performance of a glove. With red, amber and green cut level ratings. Red cut level 1 gloves such as the Globus Skytec Beta Gloves will protect your hands from light abrasion, whereas green cut level 5 gloves will protect from punctures and blades.  Find out more about which cut level performance you’ll need.

Fit and Comfort

PPE gloves for building workers must fit properly. They should be snug enough to allow proper grip, but not too tight that they restrict the hands’ range of motion. Poorly fitting gloves can prevent a worker from doing their job safely and cause cramps and blisters.


Finally, the gloves should retain their dependability even after multiple uses. Otherwise, the employer or employee would incur higher expenses in repeatedly replacing the gloves. Construction gloves should also withstand extreme conditions like severe temperatures or corrosive chemicals.

Make sure to source your gloves and other construction PPE from a trusted distributor to ensure their quality.

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Posted: 18/08/2021